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  • 1% Listing Credit*
  • Same Day Listing
  • Zillow, Redfin, & Property Website
  • 1% Credit From Commission**
  • Same Day Showing
  • Best Buy Price
  • Up to 1% Credit Available***
  • Excellent Interest Rates
  •  No Down Payment Options
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Can Do It For You
We help Homeowners:
  SELL their old home, 
BUY their new home, 
with a LOAN fit best to your financial lifestyle..  

We know the best ways to write your contracts to make your selling and buying experience WORRY FREE, and PAIN FREE.

Your ONE Stop, Real Estate Shop
We Do It For You
1% Selling Credit*
You receive a 1% Seller discount from the standard 2.5% fee if we assist in additional services such as buying and financing your next home.
1% Buying Credit**
You receive a 1% credit toward recurring and non-recurring closing costs from our commission if you find the home you buy.
1% Loan Credit***
You can receive up to 1% credit toward recurring and non-recurring closing costs.  The interest rate chosen can offer up to 1% credit.
Have Questions Call (833) 937-3360
We Do It For You
Your ONE Stop, Real Estate Shop

The Internet has changed everything.
Including the way we BUY and SELL real estate.
And it's about time someone make Selling, Buying, and Loans EASY.

We will show you how to:

Because YOU Deserve Better!

Yes, I want Homes & Loans to show me how to 
Save Money, Save Time, and Stress Less
Save Money
Save Money
Its Kinda like insurance...your auto policy is okay, but with a home policy the savings are great.  Well, thats what we've done with real estate.  The more we work together, the greater your savings.
Save Time
Save Time
Its Kinda like...when you know it would have been quicker to do it yourself, than tell someone else to do it.  Well, thats what we've done with real estate.  We save time by not waiting for 3 other people to do something we can do quicker without them.
Stress Less
Stress Less
Its Kinda like...calling customer support, then being put on hold for 20 minutes, then transferred to another department, another, then to another, and then promised a call back.  Well, thats what we have avoided in real estate.  You work 1-on-1 with your real estate and lending team.  Great communication is the secret ingredient to a positive experience.
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